The Making of a Great Convention


Hilton Dallas/Rockwall Lakefront
July 15-18, 2020


Dallas Rockwall Hotel

It takes a lot of creativity to structure a cut glass convention. Yes, we have some very definite criteria that is historically done; but Carol and I look at this as a blank palette where we create the colors, imagery, and reality of what we want a convention to be. We just wanted to give you a general overview of how we envision the 2020 ACGA Convention.

One of the most important criteria is the location of a convention. It’s no secret that we have had dwindling numbers of attendees during the last three to four years. Historically, we have had better attendance in “The Heartland” where we can draw from both coasts. The location should also include a great hotel. We are re-visiting the Hilton hotel in Rockwall, Texas which received high compliments in 2013 from those attending the Convention.

Another objective of a convention is to create a good buying opportunity for our members. There are very few local antique shows available, and most of us rely upon the Convention as a means to enhance our collections. It is no secret that we have lost one or two of our major dealers, but we are working hard to incentivize those dealers to attend the Dallas Convention.

A primary objective of a convention includes the educational programs and speakers. We feel that we have recruited seven of the best speakers for the 2020 Convention. Every speaker’s topic will be educating you on the history of American Brilliant cut glass. We will go into much more detail about our “Dream Team” of speakers in a future article.

One of the key ingredients for a good convention is the opportunity for good fellowship with members we may only see once a year. Fellowship becomes increasingly more important for those who are getting older who regularly attend our annual conventions. This hotel has a beautiful large hospitality area overlooking the lake. We can also have great fellowship at the numerous restaurants located in the area of The Harbor just steps from the hotel. Carol and I would also like to invite all attendees to our home (approximately two miles away) to view our collection and to view the circular glass room we designed in our new home we built in 2017.

In summary, our final objective is to create great memories for you of the ACGA 2020 Convention. We are looking forward to introducing appropriate music into the convention that will create a new vibe you haven’t experienced before. For those who wish to make reservations, please visit the link below or call the number indicated. We have an amazing hotel rate of only $115 per night.