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This new section provides information reproduced from the website that was originally developed by Warren and Teddie Biden for the House of Brilliant Glass (abbreviated "HBG" throughout this section). The Biden website was a carefully curated treasure trove of information that was developed by combining original research by Jim Havens together with more recent sales records and independent research by the Bidens and other collectors.  The extensively-researched book, "A Guide to American Cut and Engraved Glassware" by Jim Havens, will be available here shortly.

Table of Contents:

Identifying Glass

Articles & Opinions

Cutting Houses

"A Guide to American Brilliant Cut Glass" by James Havens




Articles and Opinions

Reference Material Corrections (from Jim Havens book)

A Discussion of Condition

Carol Weir articles






By James M. Havens

Start Here: "Contents and Preface to Fifth Edition"

PART ONE - Systematic Topics; the Brilliant Period (c1875-c1920)

PART TWO - Individual Glass Companies and Cutting Shops Operating During the Brilliant Period (c1875-c1920)

PART THREE - The Early and Middle Periods and Their Glass Companies and Cutting Shops (c1810-c1875)

PART FOUR - Diverse Cut-Glass Topics and Resources (Links)

Appendix A - U. S. Glass Patents

Appendix B - Some Unidentified Patterns and Manufacturers

Appendix C - Other Collectible Glass (Bonus Files)

Content courtesy of Warren and Teddie Biden and Jim Havens