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Donations help us continue our mission to research, educate, and encourage appreciation of American Brilliant Cut Glass.

There are several ways you can help ACGA:

silver adorned pitcherEndowment Fund

The American Cut Glass Association, Inc. (ACGA) Board of Directors has established an Endowment Fund for the purpose of raising funds for pursuing our Founding Principals and Mission Statement.

Every contribution to the ACGA Endowment Fund will remain in the fund in perpetuity and will never be spent. Of the income generated by the fund's investments only 90% can be used for the furthering of knowledge, appreciation, education and historic preservation of the truly American Art Form of rich cut glass from the Brilliant Period. The remaining 10% will be left in the fund to insure positive growth through the years.

Your "Gift That Keeps On Giving" will grow and grow to provide you, your fellow members, and future members with a continuation of the accomplishments already made and the enjoyment of the organization and hobby. It will enable us to maintain our position of leadership in the field of American Brilliant Period Cut Glass.

Support the ACGA Endowment Fund by making a tax-deductible donation today:


silver adorned pitcherGeneral Fund

Your donation to the General Fund helps support publication of The Hobstar, catalog reproductions and other ACGA ongoing programs benefiting all members. ACGA is a non-profit organization and your gift will help us meet our goals.

Support ACGA's General Fund by making a tax-deductible donation today:



red cut-to-clear pitcherGifts and Acquisitions Fund

Your donation to this fund will enable the ACGA to acquire museum quality pieces of cut glass to enhance our Collection housed at the Fort Wayne Museum of Art.  Building the monetary resources to be used exclusively for the acquisition of these pieces will permit us to be in a position to acquire them,  whenever they might become available. 

These acquisitions, in addition to various other types of glass for educational display, will enhance the ACGA Collection in such a way that it truly advances the knowledge and appreciation of this American art form.  Non- monetary gifts to the ACGA are also accepted on a pre-approval basis. 

Support the ACGA Gifts and Acquisitions Fund by making a tax-deductible donation today:



green cut-to-clear bowlSponsorships

Any member can become an ACGA Sponsor. There are several levels of Sponsorship, starting at $50.00.

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Donor Information and Guidelines

For those considering donating either cut glass, reference books, or other objects associated with Brilliant Period cut glass, you are requested to work through the Gifts and Acquisitions Committee. Please read the following information and guidelines. Then please contact Rich and Sandy Encelewski, Co-Chairs of the Gifts and Acquisitions Committee. Their contact information is in the ACGA directory. They may request that you fill out the Donor Form and send to ACGA .

Donor Information and Guidelines

Donor Information Form

Thank you for helping ACGA continue its mission of appreciation and education of a unique American Art Form, Cut Glass.