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Important Companies That Patented At Least One Cut-Glass Pattern

This file contains design patents issued for cut and engraved patterns. In addition, one “shape” patent is listed — a “squat” carafe designed by the J. D. Bergen Company — as a matter of interest.

Patent specifications and drawings are available at the U. S. Patent and Trademark Office’s Web site. Insert the letter D before the patent number when filling out the request box. Example: D27060.

A catalog is listed only if its existence is confirmed. Many catalogs are listed as reprints, but a few of these are out-of-print. A CMG f-number indicates that the catalog, or a near-copy of it, is available at the Rakow Library, Corning Museum of Glass. American Cut Glass Association publications are available from acgakathy@aol.com

Information about these companies is based mainly on AMERICAN CUT AND ENGRAVED GLASS by A. C. Revi (1965), updated by using “Additional Sources”. Illustrated trademarks have been taken from Revi and from Antique & Collectors Reproduction News, Vol. 3, No. 10, pp. 8-12, for the most part. Only trademarks known to have been acid-etched on glass are shown; trademarks found only on paper labels and in advertising copy are not illustrated.

All patents were assigned by their patentees to the respective companies — or to the individuals named — except those marked with an asterisk (*). These patents remained with the patentees.

Cutting Shops


Some Companies That Never Patented a Cut-Glass Pattern:

Boston and Sandwich Glass Company, Sandwich, MA
[c1874 Catalog and Price List] Acorn, Vol. 3 (1992), pp. 11-20 plus 80 plates. (The plates were published separately in 1968 by Lee Publications, Wellesley Hills, MA.)

Brooklyn Flint Glass Works, Brooklyn, NY

Buffalo Cut Glass Company, Buffalo, NY. The ACGA reprinted a catalog from this company in 2007 with the title THE BUFFALO CUT GLASS COMPANY. The writer has not yet seen a copy of this reprint.

Clinton Cut Glass Company, Aldenville, PA (+)

Crystal Cut Glass Company, Honesdale, PA (+)

Dithridge Flint Glass Company, New Brighton, PA

Elite Cut Glass Manufacturing Company, Aldenville, PA (+)

Elmira Cut Glass Company, Elmira, NY
[c1908 Catalog] ELMIRA CUT GLASS COMPANY. American Cut Glass Association. 2001, viii + pp. 5-44.

Empire/Flemington Cut Glass Companies, NYC then Flemington, NJ
[c1903-c1914 Composite Catalog] THE EMPIRE CUT GLASS CO. American Cut Glass Association. [1980], [56 pp.].

Giometti Brothers, Corning, NY

E. V. Haugwout and Company, New York, NY

Hobbs, Brockunier and Company, Wheeling, WV

Honesdale Cut Glass Company, Honesdale, PA (+)

Hope Glass Cutting Works, Providence, RI

Illig Cut Glass Company, Corning, NY

Kelly & Steinman Cut Glass Company, Honesdale, PA relocated to Deposit, NY (+)

Kelz-Myers Cut Glass Company; Frank J. Myers & Son, Inc., Cut Glass Manufacturers, Honesdale, PA (+)

Krantz, Smith and Company; then Krantz & Sell Company; then G. Sell & Company all of Honesdale, PA (+)
[c1900-c1912 Composite Catalog] KRANTZ, SMITH & CO. RICH CUT GLASS. American Cut Glass Association. 1995, viii + 103 pp.

Lackawanna Cut Glass Company, Scranton, PA (see T.B. Clark and Company for information and catalog)

Laurel Cut Glass Company, Jermyn, PA.
[1907 Catalog] CUT GLASS. LAUREL CUT GLASS COMPANY. American Cut Glass Association. n.d., [iii] + 33 pp.

Liberty Cut Glass Works, Egg Harbor City, NY
[c1905 Partial Catalog], pp.12-23 plus 3 unnumbered pages. Available from Glass Collector’s Digest, Marietta, OH. Factory outlet for Quaker City Cut Glass Company, Philadelphia, PA but also did some cutting.


Majestic Cut Glass Company, Elmira, NY

Maple City Glass Company, Honesdale, PA (see T.B. Clark & Company for additional information and catalogs). The following acid-etched signatures are not to scale: The veined maple leaf on the left (0.5″ x 0.6″) has been found on a bowl cut in the Altair pattern, a pattern that is illustrated in the company’s catalogs for 1904 and 1906 but could have been cut earlier. This sketch was kindly provided by Bonnie Hancock. The other two leaf signatures are from Daniel (1950, p. 385).


The stylized maple leaf in the center is tiny. It is found on the following plate, cut in the Mignonette pattern. This pattern is also illustrated in the company’s catalog for 1904. D = 7.5″ (19.0 cm), weight not available. Sold for $150 in 1996.


Niagara Cut Glass Company, Buffalo, NY
[c1905] Catalog: NIAGARA CUT GLASS COMPANY, American Cut Glass Association. 2004, vi + 14 pp. No prices.

Niland Cut Glass Company, Deep River, CT. The ACGA reprinted a catalog from this company with the title THE GLASS OF THE NILAND BROTHERS in 2007. The writer has not yet seen a copy of this reprint.

Phoenix Glass Company, Monaca, PA (Production of cut glass was limited to 1885-1894 except for cut-glass lamp shades that were produced throughout much of the company’s history.)

Quaker City Cut Glass Company, Philadelphia, PA
[c1904 Catalog Fragment] QUAKER CITY CUT GLASS CO. American Cut Glass Association. n.d., [100 pp.]. Reference: Mucha, M. E., 1986: Quaker City — hand finish, The Glass Club Bulletin, No. 149, pp. 9-22 (spring 1986).

Rochester Tumbler Company, Rochester, PA

Smethport Cut Glass Works, Smethport, PA

Smith Brothers, New Bedford, MA

Sweeney and Company, North Wheeling, WV

Taylor Brothers & Company, Philadelphia, PA
[c1909 Catalog, Incomplete] TAYLOR BROS. & COMPANY, INC. CUT GLASS. American Cut Glass Association. [1980], [44 pp.].

Thatcher Brothers, New Bedford, MA relocated to Fairhaven, MA

Unger Brothers, Newark, NJ
[c1906 Catalog] UNGER BROS. MANUFACTURING. American Cut Glass Assocation. 1985, [38 pp.].
[Undated Catalog Fragment] UNGER BROS. 1885-1918. [ii] + 16 pp. Photocopy only. Source unknown.

Union Glass Company, Somerville, MA

Wallenpaupack Cut Glass Company, Hawley, PA (+)

Wangum Cut Glass Company, Hawley, PA (+)

Wayne Cut Glass Company, Hawley, PA relocated to Towanda, PA (+)

Wickham, Hughes Company, Scranton, PA (+)

Wright Rich Cut Glass Company, Anderson, IN

… and numerous other small cutting shops …


Berry Bowl Cut in an Unknown Pattern

This unknown pattern — the manufacturer is also unknown — uses the hobnail motif in bands as well as in two of the four vesicas that spring from the center point. The remaining two vesicas contain the Persian motif, with tiny strawberry (fine) diamonds on its hobnails. The four large hobstars also have hobnails on their center hobnails. D = 8″ (20.3 cm), H = 3.75″ (9.5 cm), wt = 3.5 Lb (1.6 kg). Sold for $150 in 1991.


Content courtesy of Warren and Teddie Biden and Jim Havens