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Brilliant Era Glass Blanks Catalogs


Each of the Brilliant Era glass cutting blank supplier catalogs listed below is online for research and enjoyment.  A “blank supplier” was a business that had one or more glass furnaces, a pot shop, and teams of craftsmen that shaped molten glass into cutting blanks by blowing and/or molding.  Cutting blanks were sold by count or weight to cutting houses that made finished cut and engraved articles for sale.

For most catalogs, there is a brief introduction followed by one or more sections of catalog page images.

The Libbey Glass Company Blank Catalog

Union Glass Co., n. n. Catalog (coming soon)

Cut Glass Blanks

Note: An additional catalog of blanks from the H. C. Fry Glass Company is available in the Members' Only section, here: Members Login, under the "ACGA Catalogs" section.

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