Brilliant Era Glass Cutting House Catalogs - Clark 1903


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About the Clark 1903 Catalog

The online catalog available here is based on an original staple bound card stock cover catalog purchased by LABAC early in 2013  It has not been reprinted in any LABAC book.  The cover is 12” x 9 1/4”, and each landscape format page is printed on both sides.

The numbers printed on the original catalog pages were tiny, and positioned far out toward the page edges.  Replacement page numbers were added to the page images presented here, so that the glass-carrying central area of each page could be screened at greater resolution.

Clark Angelus Bowl

Round bowl cut in the Angelus pattern by Clark.  Motifs include Jewel-centered pinwheels, hobstars, vesicas of hobnail, cane, beading, fans, crosscutting.  See Clark 1905 pp. 10, 27;  AD1 pp. CLK-16, CLK-20, and Clark 1903 pp. 2, 3.  9 1/4” rim diameter, 4” tall.  Image provided by ACGA member David Smith.



Several Clark catalogs have been previously republished, including the 1896, 1901, 1905, 1908 and 1910 issues reprinted by the ACGA.  LABAC had previously reprinted the 1912 catalog (NEW book, Cycle 14) and Clark-Levinski collaborative 1901 catalog (CIL book, Cycle 11).  AD Book One contains a 53 page chapter reprinting numerous Brilliant Era Clark cut glass advertisements.  In addition, many Clark pieces and patterns have been included in the Flash Cards series.

The index (including analysis of unique pattern and piece appearances as well as cross references to other Clark catalogs) for the Clark 1903 catalog was prepared and edited by Rob and Val Smith.  Verification and quality control reviews were done by Cindy and Price Chandler.

Orloff Bowl

Round bowl cut by Clark in the Orloff pattern.  Motifs include jewel centered hobstars, hobstars, cane, diamond point, bowties of crosscutting.  9 ½” diameter.  See Clark 1901 p. 4 et al; Clark 1903 pp. 5, 6; Clark 1905 pp. 12, 14; RN1 p. 71; AD1 pp. CLK-14, CLK-24.  From the collection of Cindy and Price Chandler.

An interesting future area of investigation and research related to this catalog would be determination of blank sourcing for some of the more distinctive Clark shapes, especially vases.  It would also be interesting to figure out which distributors sold glass cut by Clark.

Another potentially fruitful area of research would be to determine when Clark patterns were in production.  Clearly, this information can be developed by combining data accumulated from dated catalogs, dated advertisements, and dated promotional booklets. 



Round tray cut in the Galatea pattern, signed Clark.  Motifs include hobstars, crosscutting, and fans.  13” diameter.  Sold as Lot 70 at the Jan 21, 2012 Woody Auction, St. Charles, MO (used by permission of Jason Woody).  See Clark 1903 p. 36